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Piyush & Hansa (Ep.6) | Seconds, Please!

Writer, Director, Host

હેલો! In this show, I learn how to make Chicken Biryani and hear how Piyush has overcome cultural challenges moving to Canada as a teenager. 


November 2019

Siu To & Kathryn (Ep.5) | Seconds, Please!

Writer, Director, Host

你好/Ni Hao! In this special episode, I get to learn how to make Edmonton's favourite- Green Onion Cakes! 


May 2019

Yuliya & Helen (Ep.4) | Seconds, Please!

Writer, Director, Host

Pree Vyét! In this episode, I learn how to make Kotleti with my friends Yuliya & Helen and hear about their long journey from Russia to Edmonton.


March 2019

Heritage Festival (Ep.3) | Seconds, Please!

Writer, Director, Host

Last summer, our show had special acces to sit down with many dedicated pavilion organizers as well as hang out with festival go-ers. We love Heritage Festival, make sure to go every August long weekend!


July 2018

Kat & Pol (Ep.2) | Seconds, Please!

Writer, Director, Host

Mabuhay! In this episode, I get to learn more about the Filipino Canadian experience from my friends Kat & Pol. In the kitchen, Pol teaches Kat and I how to make Kare-kare. Yum!

June 2018

Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) Remix

Director, Editor

This music video was produced as a result of the film camp- Film For The Future which took place in January 2018.  With the support of the Edmonton Arts Council, Multicultural Health Brokers Cooperative, and iHuman Youth Society, the newcomer group- Newcomers Are Lit! were able to use music and film as a platform to challenge perceptions about immigrants. 


March 2018


Edmonton's First Name

Facilitator and Co-Director

A short film produced during a youth summer film camp (2016) called Film For The Future. Supported by iHuman Youth Society, Mennonite Centre for Newcomers, and Multicultural Health Brokers Co-op.


August 2016


The Donation


A peculiar donation's journey through a cosy seniors centre.

Short Film made by Members of Strathcona Place 55+ Centre and Shawn Tse


April 2016


Sinophiles (Webseries)- #9 Kinder Chaos

Director of Photography

As Vivian’s friends attest, schooling in Hong Kong is pretty chaotic. Hong Kong toddlers as young as two receive training to ace their interviews when applying for pre-school, while Mainland children take hours to cross the border every morning to attend schools in Hong Kong.


November 2015,


Will I see you again?

Writer, Director, Editor

A man chats with a stranger in a café and gets more than he bargained for. Inspired by real life events, Daniel Kish, and Jim Jarmusch


February 2015, For Good Film Project


Writer, Producer

A group of dancers talking about sex are foolishly misguided


January 2015, For Good Film Project

Thank You

Writer, Producer

A young couple discuss and learn what an asylum seeker must face in Hong Kong


January 2015, For Good Film Project

A Ride Reborn


This is a short film based on the photography and writings of Rob Lutter.

His project, The LifeCycle, is a global cycling tour from London to London and has so far taken him 2 years and 15,000km to Hong Kong - his half way point.


October 2013

Verax: Edward Snowden short film

Director, Producer

This is a short film based on the events of Edward Joseph Snowden/斯諾登, a former CIA and NSA employee who leaked a top secret mass surveillance programme from the US and UK.

Wikipedia article:


June 2013

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